This is the front of one of about 6 buildings that comprise the Edelbrock campus. This one was the warehouse and storage for a very elaborate collection of cars.
Of course being in California you have to have the requisite WOODY. The car collection was really very impressive and the paint on these things was impeccable. They let us wander around for 20 minutes and drool and had coffee and donuts for us. Then Vic Edelbrock, son of the founder also named Vic, talked to us about the history of racing and the need to go fast in Southern California. Then it was off for the factory tour.
This is a pallet full of intake manifolds. Edelbrock manufactures many different high performance manifolds. They have state of the art machining centers for engine heads in particular. Their biggest seller for head and manifolds is the small block Chevy followed by the small block Ford.
This is the dyno test area. That had 3 cells to test engines. In this cell they had one of their crate motors. An entire engine ready to go shipped in a crate. You can buy them ready to roll at 410 HP out of the crate. For an extra charge they will break the motor in on the dyno for you and provide the specs for you showing the HP. They really rolled out the red carpet for us on a great tour and had lunch for us afterwards.