Miss Exotic World 2002

OK, I gotta keep them PG or something like that for the web so here goes.. First, every year on the first Saturday in June they hold a stripper reunion in the upper desert at Exotic World. I'm not really sure why but they do. We visited Exotic World in January so we made a note to go back. Notice all the folks with cameras.
Yes, they had a few older gals but it was mostly young women. They really put on quite a show. As you can see from this photo there were a fair amount of women in the audience also. They had a band and comedians and it was really old time burlesque. Very entertaining!
Shirley Temple never looked so good either and she IS holding a lollipop.
The costumes were very colorful. I still am not sure what makes them go out to the desert in the sun and wind to take their clothes off. But, hey.. I'm not one to complain. If they feel the need to do that it's fine by me.
This is about the last of the photos I can put out on the web. But I already have my calendar marked for next year<grin>.