Irwindale Speedway

This was out first trip to Irwindale Speedway Before the races started for the night they had an autograph session. They have the cars and drivers out on the track. The outer track is 1/2 mile in length and they have an inner track that is smaller where they raced Ford Pintos.
The racing action was pretty good. Although it is very hard to get good photos of it with a digital camera. When you press the button there is always a delay before it takes the picture.
Hmmm I think these two were getting a little bit too chummy out on the track.
Looks like this guy is done for the night.
All in all it makes for a pretty good evening of racing and entertainment. The cost is only $10 with your AAA card. Irwindale gets a much bigger crowd the Orange Show Speedway so you need to get a seat before racing starts or you will be limited to your choices,