Casino Run 2002

Another great run. Very well planned out and FUN roads. We have been doing this for a year now and there are still great roads close by we haven't driven on yet. This picture was at the first stop, Douglas Burgers off the 15. We had 46 Miata's on this run. The run got its name from the fact that it ends at a Casino ( Pechanga Entertainment Center ). At the Casino we had a special parking area and each person got a certificate to turn in for $5 cash to use on the casino slot machines. Of course they managed to get it all back.<grin>
And here is a collage of the pictures taken while driving. The picture in the lower right is of Sage Rd at the Southern Edge of Riverside county. It qualifies for one of the best Miata roads I have driven on. Karen and I are leading a run on April 6th that does have a road similar only it is even twistier.