Assault on Mt. Baldy

I talked my wife into going up Mt. Baldy on the chair lifts to scope out a climb to the peak of Baldy or Mt San Antonio. The chair lift goes to about 8,000 ft and the peak is at about 10,000 ft. These photos show you the bottom and top of the ski lift. It was a beautiful day up there. It was 74 degrees and sunny. Down at the house it was 100 degrees. 
At the top of the ski lift is the Notch Restaurant. Shown on the left. Don't expect gourmet food. Anything served here has to ride up on the chair lifts like you did.
The scenery is really very breathtaking. I couldn't resist this stump. It almost looks like a person. If you look you can see the arm out stretched.
Ok, after hiking around I let my wife use the camera and she takes a picture of me. I planned on the assault for the summit before the snow season but it looks like it may not happen. When we were coming down the mountain we passed a fire truck going up. It seems that this was the day the Williams fire started. This fire is the largest of the season so far. It has consumed over 40,000 acres. Anyway they have now closed the forest for the season. It will not open until we get some serious rain or snow. So, the assault on Mt. Baldy will have to be postponed till spring.