The 2 photos above are of the Curve Fire started on September 1st. Originally the believed it to be caused by lightening, then the changed it to human caused then back to lightening. Not it is believed to have been caused by a cult practicing some kind of animal sacrifice ritual involving candles. The fire is still burning on September 7th as I write this. There are actually 3 fires burning in the area right now.
The photos above are of the Lytle Creek Fire which is now out. It was started about August 30th or 31st. This fire has a few interesting twists. At first they found what they thought was a bomb but it turned out to be part of a drug making lab that had been abandoned. They also found a body a few hundred yards from where they think the fire started but I haven't heard anything more about that. They don't know if it was part of or had anything to do with the fire or not.
When I would go outside near dusk to look at the smoke from the fires one night I turned and saw this view of the house. It had the red sunset reflecting off all the windows so of course I had to get a picture. One of the really nice things about a digital camera is you can take all the pictures you want and it doesn't cost you anything. If they don't turn out good you delete them. Consequently you take more pictures so you end up with more good shots.