On the way to Laughlin

You know, one might thing we have a gambling problem going to Laughlin at least twice a year  and this year 3 times. But we never really gamble. On this trip I did try $10 on Black Jack though.
We took still another route going to Laughlin. This is on old Route 66. This is a picture of Dry Creek Station in Newberry Springs. This was a Whiting Brother Service Station. It is just fascinating to see all the old places just abandoned after the highway opened up and left businesses on the mother road to just dry up.
In the same area, Newberry Springs, there were ponds made just for water skiing. This one says you can see it on ESPN. This one is called Wet Set Village. It was fenced off but I went around the fence to get this photo. There were houses along the sides but I didn't want to go down further carrying the camera. This is of course in the middle of the desert.
This Ostrich farm was also in Newberry Springs. In fact we passed a couple of them. When you stop and get out of your vehicle they all come over to see what is going on. Apparently this is very similar to their natural habitat. Ostrich breeding pairs can be sold for as much as $150,000. When eggs are laid they are taken away to an incubator to hatch.
This is Goffs School house built in 1914 in the town of Goffs. It was restored in 1998. Again this was also on old Route 66. Another stretch we hadn't been on. Unfortunately it was closed for the season so we didn't get to go in and tour the house and the grounds. They have many antiques related to the are around. We will have to go back and explore.
Goffs General Store. While this place is still in business it was closed when we got there. It was getting late in the day on a Sunday and they roll the sidewalk up at 3:00 P.M.