The Year 2003 in Review

4942 page views in 2003

WOW... I started Steve and Karen's Most Excellent Adventures as a way to keep friends up to date on what we were up to. As you can see you have kept the page very busy. The busiest month was August with 639 page views. That's just over 20 page hits a day. I thought it would taper off in 2003 but instead it is up 25% over 2002.

The page has been used for a little humor, some social commentaries on current events, a place to find the latest color of our Terror alert system,  but mostly just great photos of the great old  USA. It has even been used to contact me by way of the e-mail link.

We want to thank all our visitors for making this a pretty popular site.


As this picture shows we are also an international site.<grin> 92% United States. Although this year two countries Germany and Russia hit 1% up from only Germany in 2002.

I have even found where people found the web site by way of a search engine. Seems some of the words used on the pages sometimes trigger a hit to the site. Probably because there is nothing else out there.

This graph shows it all. How much time do people really spend on the site. 32% of readers spend from 1 to 5 minutes. So, this tells me you are most likely reading what I write about the places posted. The 0-5 seconds are most likely people who got here by accident.

The differences from 2002 are the number spending from 1-5 min are down while the number of viewers spending from 6-10 and 11-30 min are up. The rest are pretty much the same.

So, I will keep the content coming for 2004.

And finally the most requested pages for 2003.


This tells me I need to keep updating the sillyness page. I have updated it a few times in 2003.

The top pages this year behind the opening page and sillyness page is the Disneyland Christmas page followed by the Old Faithful page.

The Year Page came in number 9. It is the top 12 photos I took in 2003 and I used them to make a calendar. There are some very good photographs on that page.


Look for more great photos to come in 2004 and get out and enjoy life.