Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

A slide show is available of the poppy fields. If interested send an e-mail to
This photo is of cherry blossoms and was taken in the upper desert near Little Rock, CA..
This photo is at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. The Poppy is the California state wild flower. We went last year and there wasn't a single flower to be seen in the reserve. This year while the poppy wasn't carpeting the entire reserve it was out. There were also many other wildflowers blooming. Besides orange poppies there were yellow, white and purple flowers blooming.
Here is the poppy ! It was a bit windy so the poppies were closed up. They open best when the temperature is above 70 and the winds are less then 10 mph.
We had a picnic at the poppy fields last year and this year. The fields were very pretty this year and I expect it is probably more fun in a year like this. It the flowers were out even heavier then this, there would have been hoards of people. The crowds weren't too bad this year so all in all it may be the best of both. Flowers were good and crowds weren't real big. I have a funny feeling in years where the entire field is blanketed in orange that it is also blanketed in people.
While driving through the upper desert we also saw Joshua trees blooming. This was a first for me so I had to take pictures of them.