Long Beach
Aquarium of the Pacific

OK, not a lot to say here other then ...
ohh the shark bites..
with his teeth dear...
and he keeps them pearly white...
Hey isn't that a song???
This guy had some pretty mean looking chompers.
This rey was actually in a tank where you could touch them. They had a real slimy feel to their skin. The Aquarium of the Pacific was a very nice Aquarium but I thought the tickets at $18.75 each were kind of steep. We had a coupon from the entertainment book for buy one get one free though.
Another shark photo. He is actually much bigger then he looks in this photo. The little yellow and black fish is very close to the camera making him look almost as big as the shark.
This is a Lion fish and we have a friend back in Cleveland who always likes to raise them. Every time somebody came over it would hey watch this. He would put a little guppy in the tank. The guppy would swim round and round until he got too close to the Lion fish and like a very powerful vacuum he would be sucked into the Lion fishes mouth and he was gone.  Problem was, I guess you should only feed them once a week but, he would feed them daily because it was fun to watch and the fish would eat itself to death.