Barstow Car Show

On the 4th of July we went to a car show in Barstow. The temperatures there were well into the 100's. Probably 115 F. But it was an event at the Harvey House and Route 66 Museum. This car is a 1965 Ford Falcon which was my very fist car. I got it from my brother when he went into the service. Ours was a 4 door. It had luxury appointments like vinyl floors. One really great feature was the windshield washer was a pedal on the floor. When you depressed it, it turned on the wipers. If you pressed it harder there was a rubber bulb that squirted the washer fluid. When it was raining lightly I used to tell people hey watch this! The car has sensors in the windshield when it gets enough water it turns the wipers on. Magically when the windshield got enough rain drops on it the wiper would come on then go off and my hands would never leave the wheel.
We have a friend out here in California who has a 1948 Jeepster. This yellow vehicle is a 1950 Jeepster. I think they only made this vehicle for 3 or 4 years. He says they referred to it as a Gentlemen's Jeep. John is always after us to look at web sites he does or has done so I want to see if he ever notices this. The photo composition is intentionally far from the car as I wanted the Harvey House in the picture also. Of course I took other photos of just the Harvey House that came out fabulous. It's just hard to take a bad photo of it.
Now a couple things about this picture. Of course the depth of shine but what struck me was the colors. Compare the sky in the bumper and the hub cap to the color of the sky. Gives new meaning to the term sky blue I guess. The picture has not been retouched.

OK, I snuck a photo in from another car show. The yellow one was at a burger joint right by the house. They have cruise in's all the time here in Southern California all year long. This was late in the day on a Sunday and we stopped by. The red Chevy is back in Barstow.
This picture to the left was inside the Greyhound Bus Station inside the Harvey House. A real blast from the past. Tin Ceilings, old wooden benches and phone booths. Look at the wood door in the middle.