Cruise In

It was late in the day on Saturday Memorial weekend and we had just finished dinner so we decided to go down to one of the local Cruise In's. We hadn't been to one of these in over a year so why not. I always enjoy looking at the old muscle cars anyway. Of course there is always going to be the requisite 56 and 57 Chevy's and this one was a beauty.
An old El Camino an great shape.
I took the photo of this one because of the depth of the shine. I asked the guy what he uses and he uses Meguiar's no 26 Yellow wax and Meguair's Final Inspection for quick clean up. He didn't tell me what he uses for polish though. I always like asking at the at shows what people use. The most common one I hear is Meguiar's but with all their products there is no common theme. Me, I use No. 9 for polish if I need to remove fine scratches, otherwise no 7 show car glaze, followed by Number 26. I rarely use the quick detailer or final finish as I prefer to wash a car when it has dust on it. Not as much chance of getting scratches on it that way.

I have a whole cabinet full of Meguair's products in the garage. Everything from waxes, polishes, tire dressings, trim dressings, leathers wipes, cleaning wipes, carpet cleaners to orbital buffers. I haven't really found a product I don't like from them.