Fire Season

Well, fire season if here. It came a bit early this year since things have been so dry. We were driving home and saw this one and since it was right up the street from the house we drove up to see. This fire was named the Alabama fire. I'm not sure why.
It climbed this ridge in about 10 minutes time. I want to tell you it moves fast. The contained this fire just to this ridge so it was a very small fire. I expect before the season is over this whole side of the mountains may burn.
One of the choppers fighting this fire ended up landing right behind the house. This is taken from our back yard. He landed in the development where the hadn't built any homes yet.
Here is s shot of the chopper after the mechanic had checked it out. He is lifting off. Notice the red collapsible bucket hanging. This is what they use to drop water on the fire. This one is a medium size bucket and it holds 300 gallons. It hardly looks like it could do anything. The chopper has magnets about the size of my fist located in the transmission and the engine. If a metal chip if circulating in the oil it shorts out the magnet and turns a light on warning the pilot who then needs to land the chopper.
This entourage showed up about 30 minutes or so after the chopper landed. It seems where ever the chopper goes this entourage follows. The truck to the right is sleeping quarters. Then the other trucks include a tanker to fill the gas tank and a mechanics truck and trailer. The chopper holds 200 gallons of fuel and that can keep him flying for 2 hours.
Here is a picture from our yard showing the smoke.