a Romp in the San Bernardino Mountains

We had visitors to our Miata group from the Netherlands. They were on a 16 day adventure of California's  twisty roads and National Parks in rented Miatas. We were taking them on their way from San Diego to Barstow. The next day they would be off to Death Valley. This is at the first queue up about 3 miles out. It was a fabulous day for a drive in the mountains. The weather was clear and the temperatures were nice. A bit warm at the start but as we headed up the mountains it was very comfortable. 
All along the way of their 16 day adventure different Miata groups were meeting them and leading them on some wonderful roads. It was a clear day with some white fluffy clouds to break up the deep blue sky. The higher in the mountains you go the deeper the blue of the sky. There were many yellow flowers blooming along the route up.
A few morning clouds lifting as we start rising above them.
This was the first stop off up above the marine layer on the south side of the mountain range. This photo is taken at one of the pull off points along the Rim of the World Highway. We had about 25 cars which was a nice size group.
Here they all are for a group photo. We drove the Rim of the World Highway to the Big Bear Discovery Center. From there we drove down the North side of Big Bear to have lunch at Applebee's in Victorville. The run officially ended there but for those interested we led the group to Barstow along old Route 66 with a stop at an abandoned auto court where we gave them some history on the area, the rail roads and how it related to Route 66 and the upper desert. 
After a stop at the Route 66 Mother Road Museum in Barstow they checked into their motel. We gave them a bit of a break and then we went to dinner at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner where they gave us our own private room. Not only do they not have mountains in the Netherlands they don't have 50's style diners either so they enjoyed one of their first days here in the USA. We had about 20 people with us for dinner.