NHRA Motorsports Museum

In the NHRA Motorsports Museum they have a large selection of different kinds of cars and from many different time periods. OK, this is one of Big Daddy Don Garlitz's cars he called the swamp rat. Not sure why other then he came from Florida. This dragster has the engine in front of the driver. In 1970 Garlitz had a clutch explosion that injured his foot and led him to develop today's rear engined dragster. Dragsters that burn Nitro Methane are called Top Fuelers and the can cover the 1/4 mile in less then 4-1/2 seconds and reach speeds in excess of 330 MPH. Now, talk about fuel efficiency they burn 80 gallons a minute when doing this. Think of that the next time you fill your 12 gallon gas tank. They could burn your entire gas tank in 9 seconds. You can't even fill it that fast.
The museum is located in Pomona at the fairgrounds and has a very impresive array of cars and memorabilia. This Funny Car is John Force's 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass.  John Force is the current record holder in the Funny Car Class at 4.73 seconds for the 1/4 mile. The Top Fuel dragsters record is 4.477 so the funny car is just over 1/4 second slower. There is nothing like watching the Nitro Methane cars go down the track. They have to be seen and felt  to be believed. You really will feel the ground shake as these 6,000 HP machines go blasting by.
This car (Rambunctious) is one of the very first Funny Cars and was driven by Gene Snow. On the plaque beside it I finally learned what a funny car is. The moved the from axle forward and fashioned the body out of fiberglass giving it a funny appearance hence the term funny car. I don't know the date of this car but believe it was in the late 60's.
This car is owned by John Althan and was driven by Elvis Presley in the 1957 film Loving You. It has been owned by John since 1938. There are many different kinds of racing memorobila shown in cases and large photos on the walls. There are some interactive displays where you can try your skills at the lights to measure your reaction time at the starting line. There was one display that gives a visual idea of just how fast tehy Top Fuel dragsters burn fuel. It is pretty incredible to watch.
This is a 1950's period look custom car. It was not built as much for speed as looks. The car is a 1946 Ford Convertible. I wouldn't mind having this baby in my garage. It sure is pretty.
When we were there they were featuring Don Prudhomme and both the car in the foreground and the white one in the background with the body raised are his.