Plane Ride

Well.. what do you get the guy who has everything he wants for his birthday. Karen got me a gift certificate good for a 30 minute sight seeing trip from the local airport, Cable Airport. I think it was a pretty neat idea.
Unless you have been here you don't realize the mountains are right in our backyard.
Our house is the on right smack in the middle with the pool. There are other pools above ours also. You can see the housing development going in right behind our house. Luckily we have the channel behind us to give us a bit more space and they are on a lower elevation then us. So, for the most part we won't see them. Unless we are on the upper floor of our house.
Just a view out the back of the plane.
Here is the boss telling the pilot where to go. Phew.. it wasn't me for once.<grin>
This view kind of shows just how close they build homes to the mountains.