Redlands California

Wow, what a facility. This is the A.K. Smiley Public Library in Redlands. There is renovation going on so I couldn't get the pictures I would have loved to take. After walking around the building admiring it I went in. At every turn I am just shocked at how great a facility it is. Look at the reading room below, or notice the wooden bookcases and the wooden stairway. It was just fun to wander the grounds inside and out. If your ever in Redlands this is a must see.
We were in Redlands on January 4th and it was a beautiful winter day. 75 to 80 degrees and sunny. The air was clear of smog. We walked all around the historic area of Redlands looking at all the beautiful old buildings. The one to the left is the First Congregational Church. The doors were locked so we couldn't get a look inside but the outside was great. Check the link above for the church and go to the history page. They have some old pictures of the church before the trees grew up to block the view.
This was an old house that was turned into a law office. There were great old Victorian homes and number of streets with Craftsman style homes on them.
This is the Kimberly Crest Mansion also in Redlands. The house, complete with all furnishings and the grounds were willed to the city by Mary Kimberly Shirk. I wasn't allowed to take any photos inside but the inside and furnishings were fantastic. After touring the mansion we had to leave Redlands to meet friends on the mountain in Wrightwood for dinner. So we went from driving with the top down and 80 degree temperatures to snow on the ground. There are many other great old buildings in Redlands and we will have to go back and explore again. We spent too much time enjoying the library, walking the old section and Kimberly Crest Mansion. So, more pictures some other time I'm sure.