Yosemite Easter Weekend

Over Easter weekend we went to Yosemite National Park. We had been there before some years ago but in September and it was dry. It was dry and there were no water falls. I couldn't understand why folks said it was so pretty. So, I had to go in spring to see. This is the hotel we stayed in in Mariposa named of all things the Mariposa Hotel and Inn.  If you follow the link we had Marguerite's room. We had visited Mariposa when we were there a few years ago and liked the town so decided to stay there. The Hotel was built in 1901. We loved the restaurants in this town. The food concessionaires in Yosemite really bite.
This is the Mariposa Court House, the oldest working court house west of the Mississippi. The town is really very quaint with many shops and restaurants. They also have two very good museums. One on gems and minerals and the Mariposa County History Museum. This museum contained many items from the gold rush days and was an excellent museum. They had a working 5 stamp mill outside.
Ahhh  this is Yosemite Valley. The outcropping to the left is El Capitan, the falls on the right is Bridalveil and Half Dome is in the distance. The upper elevations had a fresh coating of snow, the temperatures in the valley were in the upper 60's and lower 70's. There were plenty of waterfalls flowing this time. Down in the valley you could often ties hear them thundering and see the mist arising from where they hit the ground.
The falls reflecting in the water here is Upper Yosemite Falls. Now I understood why Yosemite is one of the most visited of all the National Parks. It truly was beautiful. We had a picnic lunch down by the Merced river one day in view of Bridalveil falls.
This falls is Lower Yosemite Falls.
This out cropping is El Capitan.