Plane Crash

These photos were taken on Saturday January 25th in Rancho Cucamonga. The plane crashed the night before just before sunset cutting a path through the front of the house. In the close up view you can see pictures still hanging on the walls and there are still items sitting on a closet shelf. There was a 17 year old boy sitting about 25 feet away in the family room when the plane hit. He was unhurt. The pilot was killed on impact. You can see the tail of the plane coming up vertical through the garage
It is a very eerie site. It is amazing how the plane just sliced through the house. Roof tiles just inches from the cut are undisturbed. Pictures still hang on the walls and the front of the house just crumbled forward. I was out jogging and saw one helicopter come flying over. Then another one came. Then before I knew it there were 5 helicopters. When I got home we turned on the TV to find out a plane had crashed. Below is a piece of the plane they dragged out of the garage.