Cucamonga Quakes

These photos were taken on a Saturday night game at the local minor league baseball stadium. The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes  affiliated with the Angels. It is pretty hard to get action shots with a digital camera. You have to press the button while the pitcher is starting his wind up. The stadium is pretty full this night because there are fireworks after the game. We usually go once or twice a year. Of course I had a coupon for half off so the tickets were $3.50 each. It is a very nice facility and makes for an enjoyable evening and is no where near as expensive as a trip to the major league games. Of course when you watch the game you understand why many of them are still in the minors.<grin>
This guy just hit a successful bunt.
This is the mascot, Tremor. His number is 4.8 The stadium is the epicenter. Tremor's smaller sidekick is after shock. His number is 2.4. The two people with him had been selected for some kind of promotion. But it turns out the guy had this prearranged, he dropped down on one knee and proposed marriage to the young lady with him. This was the second one of the night.

ehh to each their own I guess. He would have died had she not said yes. 

The this is what we went for. The fireworks !!  Really hard to do with a digital camera. HaHa you take a picture when you hear the firework ignited not knowing where it will explode.