Redlands Temple

NO we're not converting !

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There was a Mormon or Latter Day Saints (LDS) Temple opening in Redlands. Before the facility is dedicated they open it to the public for tours. Once the facility is dedicated you can no longer enter the temple unless you are a member in good standing. That means that not only can you and I not enter but no just any LDS member either. As best I can tell you need to have a priest recommend you for entry.

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A temple for the LDS is not a place where they hold regular worship services but rather a place where special ceremonies are held. The temples are built of the finest materials and extremely beautiful inside and out. The floors are all marble and sculpted carpet. Beaitufl artwork hangs everywhere.

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Each and every temple has "HOLINESS TO THE LORD  THE HOUSE OF THE LORD" on it.


I was allowed to take photos outside but not inside the temple. The photos below are scanned from a brochure they passed out.

This is the Celestial Room. It symbolizes life as eternal families with the heavenly father and his son. It represents  their eternal home in God's Kingdom. All hallways in the temple go up in elevation towards this room and all lighting gets brighter the closer you get to it. This room is the brightest room in the temple.
This is the waiting area as you enter the temple. Notice the beautiful marble floor and how bright and airy it is. Onlt the finest materials are used throughout the temple. After the temple is dedicated  church members wear white clothing while inside to symbolize purity, cleanliness, and the setting aside of things of the world.
This is the baptismal font. It rests on the backs of 12 oxen. The oxen symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel. For the Latter Day Saints they can perform baptisms and other ordinances for their ancestors who have died. This is why they are so interested in genealogical research. They believe if the individuals who have  gone on to the next life accept the ordinances done in their behalf they will have formed an eternal family. 

If you ever have an opportunity to tour a LDS Temple do it. They are really fabulous.