Strawberry Peak 
Fire Tower

A slide show of the tower and grounds. Caution this is 5 Megabytes. Don't try on dialup.

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This set of pictures was taken on our first day back working in the tower in 2004 after the fires of the fall of 2003. Basically the Old Fire burned right up to the tower. Had they not cleared out some of the trees close to the tower a few months earlier it probably would have destroyed the tower. The tower was built in 1933 /1934 and first staffed in 1934. That is Karen standing on the catwalk with the binoculars.

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Strawberry Peak Fire tower is one of the few that has a paved road right up to the tower. It is also the closet one to our house, about 35 miles away. It is the only one that has electricity and a phone. Some of the others have electricity but no phone. We are also told that Domino's will deliver pizza to the fire tower.

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It was a slow day, not many visitors so after I scanned the horizon for smoke I decided to take a hike to see the aftermath of last years fire. It is quite a sight to see all the flowers that come up after a fire. I had heard of this phenomena but this was the first time I had been out and seen it with my own eyes.

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Amongst all the burned out trees is a beautiful sign of life. There were flowers everywhere.

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I guess it is mother natures way of showing life after the devastation of the fire.

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