The Year 2005 in Review 

5123 Visitors in 2005 The last time I looked at stats was for the year 2003 and we had 4942 page views in 2003. Page views are not the same as visits. When you come to the site it counts as 1 visit. Each page you view counts as a page visit. But the structure of the site makes pages an inflated value since every time you look at a larger image when you go back it counts the previous page another page view.

So, there is no way to compare apples to apples but I can safely say visitation was up considerably in 2005 vs. 2003.

And data served up, 2.7 Gigabytes in 2005. WOW

These were the top pages visited in December of 2005. It surprises me that many pages from previous years and months were top pages. This tells me that many more people arrive here these days from search engines then in years past.

2005 brought about some surprises for me with the web page. The statistics tell me that folks visit on a regular basis. I mean, the site averages 14 visitors a day year round. Every time I feel like stopping doing this travel and photo blog I get an e-mail that makes me continue.

In July of 2005 I got an e-mail via the link that really shocked me. It was from a gentlemen who had been visiting our site for some time. It motivated him to go out and take a class on web page building and do his own site very similar.  On his site he puts a link to our site. Thanks for the note Bob it really made my day. E-mail me again some time. I also visit your site regularly.

Same for you Ken, Karen and I like to see your shots too. How about posting some of the Ohio snow for me?

The top search stings used to arrive at our web site always amaze me. There are certain ones that seem to repeat month after month.

The titanic artifacts or a variant of that, bi-plane, kids and mud. Month after month these show up. I hope people that end up here find something of value or interest.

Germany is always a top country other then the US and for 2005 it was actually 4% of the visitors.