This is Mount Ryan. Believe it or not there are 2 guys, I assume guys, climbing this rock. I am not sure a woman would be dumb enough to do this. It was probably 110 to 115 degrees at this time of the day. On the rock I am sure the sun reflected and made it even hotter.
This is as close as I could zoom in on the climbers but they are there. Joshua tree is famous for it's rock climbs. It has something like 2500 mapped climbs. In a few months when the temperatures drop a bit the climbers come back in full force. In the summer like right now it was fairly empty.
There are just all kind of rocks to climb. Depends on what you want to do. Sheer faces, bouldering, whatever it's here.
And check this out... Man that rock formation looks like it would be a fun climb.
Some of these rock formations sure were strange looking. I took this shot on the skull rock trail. To me it looks like a person. As a matter of fact a real hard headed person. I have sure known a few of those in my time.....