The Colorado Desert

The vegetation in the lower Colorado desert is more sparse. It's vegetation doesn't get as high as the Joshua trees in the higher Mojave desert. Since it is lower it is also hotter and has even less rain.
It is still pretty in it's own way.
This is the Cholla Cactus garden.
A close up shot of these buggars...

Ouch.. Ouch  hey they even had to put up signs to warn idiots from touching the cactus.

This picture is of the Cotton Wood Oasis. One of a few at the Park. Anytime travelers saw large palms like this they knew there was water. I wish I had a person or something in this picture to get a perspective of height. If I had to guess I would say 50 to 60 feet high. Hard to tell in this photo. Anyway they could be seen from some distance.