Oak Glen via old Route 66

The original McDonalds was started here by the McDonalds brothers Maurice and Dick. Originally it was a B B Q restaurant with car hops. In 1948 they closed that. Then a few months later in December of 1948 they opened the original McDonalds featuring the "Speedee Service System". Hamburgers were $0.15 and fries $0.10. Ray Croc, a milk shake machine salesman, convinced them to sell him a franchise in 1954. Then in 1961 he bought them out completely except this store location on 14th and E streets in San Bernardino. Today it is the corporate offices of Juan Pollo Chicken and an unofficial McDonalds museum. Well worth stopping for the McMemories.
First... I cut out the sign and pasted it on the picture... 
The Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino/Rialto was one of seven teepee motels known as Wigwam Villages built across the country. John Redford built the first Wigwam Village in Horse Cave, Ky. and patented his idea in 1936.  I understand from reading on the internet that at one time they would rent them by the hour.
Hey what gives.. what is the white stuff on the ground. This was taken 4 days before Christmas 2001. We are in Oak Glen here at about 5000 ft.. This is at the Parrish Pioneer Ranch. We had lunch here at the Apple Dumplin's restaurant. The food was so so but the pie was pretty good. It is a nice drive up here from our house, about 50 miles and of course nice mountain roads.
Oak Glen is at an altitude of just over 5,000 feet and like Julian is known for its apples. There are many apple orchards and barns selling apples. This photo was taken at the Los Rios Rancho orchard. The kids were just having a ball playing and throwing the snow. It was obvious they didn't live here by their fascination with snow. 
An old one room school house in Oak Glen. It is a museum but it was closed in December. The apple trees bloom in mid April through mid May so we are going to have take another drive up here for that. 
I guess this is the proverbial slippery slope. Taken on Rt 38. The nice thing for us if we want snow we can drive to it quickly and when you are tired of it just go home.