Saturday Night at the Race
Orange Show Speedway

This is what is called short track racing. It was a real ball to watch. The first few races were only 4 to 6 laps and only a few cars out on the track.. BUT.. later when they got 20 or more cars for 20 or more laps it got interesting.
This is the Parade Laps at the beginning. Notice the blue and white cars are Miata's from our group. At intermission we ALL got to go out and do laps. It was a lot of fun. As we were driving around they were announcing all out names and our cars. We did about 20 laps. We had about 30 cars there. There is also a few pickup trucks in here that raced later in the night. They called them gladiator trucks... HaHa
If you are still trying to find the answer to the burning question where did all the Ford Pinto's go I now know the answer. They are enjoying a 2nd life on the short track racing circuit. This is where they were meant to be.. after all a high performance car like that should not be in the hands of just anybody.  Hey Adel where's my spittoon.... The preferred car is the Ford Pinto.....
They even have NASCAR V8 stock cars on this little track. Seems like a lot of muscle and car for a short track. But.. the crowd seems to like it. 
These were my favorite.. they are called Legends... They fashion a body out of sheet metal to look like an old legend car. The engine is a 750 cc Motorcycle engine. Man.. these babies fly and they hold the track real well. Road Rage.. well, we saw one guy doing a little rubbing on another car and he finally spun him out to get him out of the way on the last lap. Well, after the guy who spun out got it under control he came racing up and rammed the guy who spun him out. Then they had to push both cars off the track.
In one race they had 26 cars on this short track. This guy was leading after about 22 laps but there was another car trying to pass. He finally got by him and a yellow flag came out. This meant they had to go back a lap and the guy was behind again. This happened to this guy 2 more times for a total of three times. He would pass and somebody would wreck making it yellow and he would be behind again. He finally did pass and win and it was great racing to watch him do it. Some of the drivers were pretty talented.