San Diego Twilight Run
Zoom Zoom

This run started just east of San Diego in Rancho San Diego and went into the Cleveland national forest and up Mt. Laguna.
We had 54 cars on this run. Last year they said there were 82. As you can see the roads were absolutely gorgeous. Not as severe as some of the other rides up mountains have been . It was more gentle rolling hills but there was still plenty of places to explore the cornering ability of the little Miata.
As this shot shows the blue sky is getting lower as we climb higher and the meadows are very pretty. When we get up on Mt. Laguna we will only be at an elevation of 6000 ft. 
Here we are home.. Cleveland... well make that the National forest.. The idea was to wait on top till 7:20 P.M. then descend down to watch the sunset as we run down through the beautiful twisty roads... Ya know sometimes this is just more fun then you should be allowed to have but.... hey... why not..

Cheez we look like a couple of tourons.

The camera tends to make a shot look like daylight when it isn't but you can see the driving lights on the folks behind us. Picture this.. we had the sun setting over the hills and valleys, a line of Miata's twisting around the curves in front of us all with their running lights on and in your rear mirrors a line of driving lights strung out behind you and great roads...
Notice the colors on the hills and valleys as the sun sets. The guy who put this run together did a really nice job. As all the rides with the Miata group out here have been they are very well thought out and put together. 
Ahhh this shot says is all, can you say Zoom Zoom... It was a long day as it was 125 miles down to the run, 110 miles on the run and 125 miles home. But you can see the grin on Karen's face.. We made a few stops on the way down to break it up. Went to Old Town Temecula but that's for another day when we spend more time there.