This was the corner where the action was. It was a tight S shaped curve. The better riders would have some serious lean, these aren't quite there. It was a pretty hot day. The temperature was about 110 to 115 degrees.
No matter how hot it is they are fully outfitted in leather suits. Some even had black on.. whew...
Another shot of the same corner taken from a slightly different angle. I would guesstimate they are going between 60 and 80 at this point.
This is what the track looks like just after the same corner. They are going down hill. This was practice but these guys are competitors and practice can be just as intense as the race. Sometimes they are fighting to qualify and stay in and others they are trying for a better starting position.
This is a more high speed corner. They have just come off the longest straight where depending on the class of bikes they could have hit 170. On the corner they are probably about 90.