The Exhibitionist

He was driving me nuts with al the racquet as he was starting and stopping. When I went around the building I saw what he was up to.
Talk about a wheelie this guy is near vertical. He had attracted a few people to watch the action and he was putting on a very good show.
Whoa Nellie what was that.. hey wait I need to get a look. The stoppie not the girl.. heck I have Karen to look at...<grin>
 A stoppie is actually harder to do then a wheelie.
ahhh what it makes men do... The girl was actually with him. Why she would stand out in the parking lot as he went back and forth I'm not sure. They were both from Europe and didn't speak much English.
Now this isn't easy to do and he could do it quite well. He had tried to enter the wheelie contest but they wouldn't let him. He was not a card holder for the track or something silly like that. He would have won hands down....