Yellowstone National Park

A trip to Old Faithful Geyser

I have over 300 photos of different areas and so will be creating a few pages on Yellowstone. They are that spectacular.
I had been wanting to take this snowmobile trip to Yellowstone for about 10 years. I was finally able to convince my wife that yes, there would be places she could go the the bathroom and not out in the snow. The National Park finally got smart and posted information that showed a map with all the different facilities that would be open. This picture is at our motel that was in West Yellowstone Montana. You can see why this place is called the snowmobile capital of the world. There are more snowmobiles around then cars. You could drive around town in them. Need to go to the store? take the snowmobile.
This is a hot spring we passed on the way to Old Faithful. There are something like 10,000 different thermal features in Yellowstone National Park. You see, Yellowstone sits on top of a volcano and that's what causes the various types of thermal features. In December they close the park down to all wheeled vehicles and only snowmobiles and snow coaches are allowed in. There are over 250 miles of groomed roads for snowmobiling Yellowstone and 500 miles of groomed trails in the National Forest adjacent to West Yellowstone. We put 400 miles on the snowmobile we rented in 5 days of riding it.
This picture is of an area called the fountain paintpots. There is bubbling mud of different colors. It is hard to see the colors but if you look close you will see some reds and light blue in the middle.
Ahhh the wildlife... There will be many instances in both the summer and winter when you run across buffalo right in the road. They have the right of way and you of course stop for them. After all they are pretty big and have horns. We also saw Bald Eagles in their nests and soaring in the skies. For the first time I saw a Big Horn Sheep. We also saw Elk, River Otters and Ducks to name some of the wildlife. I know Jessica Scott would have loved to ride the snowmobile and see all the wildlife.
This is Old Faithful. But behind it is a Geyser called Beehive. We got lucky and they were both going off at the same time. The rangers can predict the time that Old Faithful will erupt within 10 minutes. It typically erupts anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes apart all year 24 hours a day. They predict the time based on how long the previous eruption was. Many of the other geysers are also predictable but none as well as Old Faithful and none as frequent.